Our Farm

Welcome to Amelia Agro farms, a true Garden of Eden nested in between the Mabira Rain Forest and the river Nile, in the immediate region around Jinja.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

A centre of Excellence and Research and Development. At Amelia Farms we provide the following High Quality Products And Services.
Growing Organic Vegetables Fruits Herbs and Spices
Production of Seeds & Seedlings
Rearing Healthy Livestock like Goats, Cows, Poultry, Fish, Pigs & Rabbits Production of Healthy Animal feeds from Aquatic Weeds & Insect Proteins

Production of High-Value Compost using By and waste Streams from the Farm and food industry
Production of Liquid Fertilizers & Organic Crop Protection

Our Discovery

In the immediate region around Jinja, at the Source of the Nile, Uganda is a true Garden of Eden with excellent farming opportunities.

Despite that, poverty among farmers is at historically high levels, not only because of climate change, lack of knowledge about modern farming practices and depleted soils, but certainly also because export markets for fresh and processing of horticultural crops are virtually non-existing.

Our Mission

Amelia Agro utilizes carbon emission free Cradle-2Cradle techniques in farming. We are carbon negative and the big winners are our employees and especially the soil!

A centre of Excellence and Research and Development. At Amelia Agro Farms we provide High Quality Products And Services made with love.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

Every product we produce at our farm is made with love.

Eng. Jan Willem van Es & Owek. Veronica Kagona


Management Team

Eng. Jan Willem Van Es

Founder and Managing Director of Amelia Agro Africa Ltd

Owek. Veronica Kagona Van Es

Drector Public Relations of Amelia Agro Africa Ltd.

Farm Site Management

We have a very competent and active led farm management team that empowers local farmers, women and youth with up to date farming methodologies.

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