Our Produce

The Freshest. Chemical-Free.


Grown without using any petrochemical fertilisers or pesticides

Fresh & Healthy

Farm Fresh harvested and delivered same day to our customers.

100% Organic

We make our own BioNPK and Pest-Control Cococtions, recycling by- and waste products from the farm and the regional food industry.



We plant a full range of vegetables for the African, Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisines.



We have invested in an interesting range of fruits for restaurants, juice bars, dairy industry, pastry and consumers.


Animal Husbandry

In our farm we showcase multiple approaches for animal husbandry, integrated feeding and recycling of the dung/droppings into fertile soils.

Amelia Agro is a true Experience Center for anyone interested in agriculture, both professionals and home farmers as well as smallholders and subsistence farmers. We are implementing our own interpretation of what is commonly called permaculture. We have developed a unique system of integrating horticulture and animal husbandry, combined with forestry and horticulture on raised beds.

Typically all elements within the farm are circularly connected and enhancing each other. What remains as a waste from one process, is used as input for the next. All this is done through looking out for delivering agro industrial by- and waste products into our farm for further processing into animal feeds and soil amendments. We also bring significant volumes of brewery by-products, sugar industry waste and aquatic weeds from the Nile to boost the volumes of the multiple business units within the farm.

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